The Dead in Christ Shall Rise

Scripture Reading: 1 Thessalonians 4:13-1

Announcements – Terry

Song 144 O Worship the King – Jack

Scripture Reading /Opening Prayer – Jacob

Song 791 On Bended Knee – Jack

Lords Supper – Terry

Song 342 We Saw Thee Not – Wayne

Sermon – Wayne


Jesus died on the cross, John 19:30

    • He has risen Mark 16:6
    • Christians are connected to His resurrection Romans 6:3-5
    • Jesus ascends to Heaven Acts 1:9-11
    • Christians ascend and meet Jesus in the air 1 Thessalonians 4:13-18                     

Preparation of the coming of Christ

    • Be properly informed
    • Do not grieve
    • Believe

Events of the coming Christ

    • By word of the Lord
    • The Lord Himself will descend
    • With a ‘shout’
    • Voice of an archangel
    • With the trumpet of God
    • The dead in Christ shall rise first
    • The remaining will be ‘caught up’
    • Will go to be with the Lord forever
    • Comfort one another with these words

Paul’s emphasis

    • Both groups end up with the Lord
    • With the Lord forever
    • Death is no barrier for the Lord.


The Christian resurrection connects them to this ascension to Heaven

Song 279 – Wayne                    

Closing Prayer – Jack